The premier manufacturer of Tier 1 forks for standard and specialty equipment.

Connoisseurs of Steel

Toyoshima Special Steel began operations in Japan in 1951. The family-owned business expanded operations internationally with facilities in China and ours here in the USA, which opened in 1986.

Taking what we've learned through the years, we've developed a unique approach to manufacturing special steel including heat treating forks 100%. We're proud to provide the highest quality, Tier 1 forks for forklift vehicles.

We can help you tackle any standard or specialty project with our 30+ years of stateside experience.

Industrial Truck Association

Toyoshima Special Steel USA manufactures ITA compliant, Tier 1 forks.

Environmental Manufacturing Policy

We're committed to following the highest manufacturing standards to reduce our carbon footprint. This includes a recycling component and assuring that air quality is at it's best for our team. Interested in learning more about our environmental manufacturing policy? Contact us for more information.


Reach out and contact us by visiting our contact page. We'll be happy to assist you with any questions you might have.